Regional Committees

Archived material.  As of August 2002, Trond Schumacher [<> or <>] became president of IMA

Four regional committees have important roles in the IMA, and hold additional meetings in the interim periods between International Mycological Congresses. These are the African, Asian, European, and Latin American Committees.

Membership in the IMA is open to all national or international societies, associations, or other groups having mycological interests. Individual members are those who have attended the most recent congress.

Committee for Africa:

Dr. A. J. Masuka, Chairman 
IMA Committee for Africa 
Tobacco Research Board 
P. O. Box 1909 
Harare, Zimbabwe 
Tel. 263-4-575289 
Fax 263-4-575288 
Committee for Europe:
Prof. F. Diego Calonge, Chairman 
Real Jardin Botánica 
Plaza de Murillo 2 
SP-28014 Madrid, Spain 
Tel. 585-4659 
Fax 420-0157


 Committee for Asia:
Prof. Zuei-ching Chen, Chairman 
IMA Committee for Asia 
Department of Botany 
National Taiwan University 
Taipei, Taiwan 107. R.O.C. 
Tel. 886-2-3630231-2368 
Fax 886-2-3625372


Committee for Latin America:
Dr. Jose Carmine Dianese


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